Monday, October 07, 2013

STPM Trial Exam Paper 2013

STPM Further Math Trial Exam Paper 1 - 2013

STPM Further Math Trial Exam Paper 1 - 2013 - Solution

I feel it is not practical to have students travel to Penang to take the trial exam for Further Math. Two main reasons are:
1. It will take too much time to travel. for those who are too far from Penang.
2. The cost in travelling and accommodation should not be just to take the test.

I promise to set a trial paper for students taking STPM Further Math 2013 - Paper 1. Please help inform that the trial exam paper is posted here. I hope students find this paper beneficial and provide a good guide for them to study. I think include almost everything in the syllabus.

If anyone can find a  hotel to sponsor a seminar room and accommodation then we can have a seminar to discuss the solutions and make preparation for the coming STPM Further Math Paper

Best regards from me.

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