Saturday, January 07, 2012

Teaching Mathematics

Teaching Mathematics In the Higher Forms

Teaching geometric progression offers opportunities to talk about the "wonders" compound interest, how money doubles at 10% every 7 years. Details on saving regularly every month for 10 years and the stop completely can result in more money being saved for a life-time if the same amount is saved every month but starting 10 years late.

Teaching definitions using one word helps many students understand definitions such as
logarithm, weight, center of gravity, standard deviation, half-life, light years etc. Of course some definitions can be taught in this manner. eg What is force? What is calculus?

Examination questions on mathematics make teacher spent much time teaching skills in calculation and concepts and methods. If questions in mathematics more space for matters related to say health issues, environment, borrowing money etc, I believe teachers will also devote time on these areas.

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